Did you know…. that even you can edit Wikipedia?

If you feel you are not from a technical background and wont understand this blog, then you are wrong!
Just have a read, you will definately find this easy 🙂
Wikipedia is an internet encyclopedia which is free, multilingual and collaboratively edited.
Anyone willing to write an article can start editing 🙂
First let me tell you some terminologies that will help you in better understanding.
Lets take the help of a wikipedia page as shown below
The start of the article is a gist of what the page contains. It is called the lead section.
Then the article is divided into various sections.
eg. The sections here are origin/powers and duties, and so on depending on what the topic is.
Here are the steps you follow  :
Step 1: Creat an user account on wikipedia
If you dont have an account on wikipedia just go to wikipedia.org and click on the link which is at the top right “Create one” and create an account by filling in your details.
Step 2: Now go to the page you want to edit, there are some links at the top of the article, they are
Article – Talk – Read – Edit – View History
Click on edit, and you see something like this
This is as like writing in word, you have options like bold, italics etc. Also you can add wikilinks to the page by selecting the linking option at the top. Save the page!
Remember onething, “Be bold to edit!”
The links that you see at the top are:
Article- It is the link of the article which you are viewing.
Talk:Is the link to the article’s page where
we can discuss about the article sections and contents.
Edit- Is a link that brings you into the editing window where you can start editing the article.
View History- It shows the history of the edits made that are by all the users on that article.
Happy Editing and keep following for knowing more about wikipedia edits 🙂
Me on wikipedia– User:Barkha dhamechai (want to search for a user on wikipedia? type User:username in the search box 😉 )

Welcome To Barkha’s Blog!

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